Kayaking with the treasures of the St Johns River Jan 25, 2017

Art and Susan came out for their 3rd kayaking tour with us and chose the St Johns River today. Starting our tour in a cold dense fog we set out with our eyes wide open. The female Anhingas are now sporting their full on breeding plumage; her beautiful fluorescent green eye ring is quite the sight! Bald Eagles were the sentinels for us, we also saw Limpkins plus Ibis, Cattle Egrets and many more. The Tri-colored Herons, Green Herons, Snowy Egrets, Little Blue Herons and Great Egrets were all feeding right next to one another. We found a record breaking 7 American Bitterns today and when the fog lifted the Sandhill Cranes gave us a honk as they flew by. We had a Manatee come over to give us a closer look and as the day warmed the Alligators and Turtles came out to enjoy the sunshine too. It was another beautiful Florida day on the water!

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