Our journey paddling the Silver River July 19, 2013

Chris, Alexis, Ed, Lou Anne, Robert, Neal and Kenny

Stephanie, Tyler and Mikla

The big race ;-)

Scarlet Hibiscus

What's up with that bullet in the tree LOL

Yellow-Crowned Night Heron

Camo Man

Kenny's got a Lubber on his hat

share and share alike :-)

Spider Lily

Big Ed with the fish eye effect

Pickerel Weed

Apple Snail Eggs

It was a beautiful overcast day that Friday and we were just fine with that ;-). As we started on our journey the Swallow-tailed Kites were soaring overhead as if to say, "it's a great day to be here"!  We paddled out of the canal and right off the bat the Brown Water Snake showed up to say "hello", the Scarlet Hibiscus filled the river with color for us, the Anhingas, Little Blue Herons, Cormorants, River Cooters, Red-bellied Turtles, Baby Gators and even the Yellow-Crowned Night Herons welcomed us to their river. We took a break at the "horseshoe" had a snack and took a swim, then paddled upstream a bit hoping to catch a glimpse of the monkeys. We soon realized time was getting away from us and we reluctantly turned back. Coasting down stream is so awesome, it's like a "thank you" for doing all the work first. As we were making our way back, Ed came paddling up to us and said "we found the monkeys"!! Yeah, we were going to be able to spend some time with the monkeys too?!? Silver River is such a beautiful place to spend a day. The Pickerel Weed is in full bloom, the Apple Snail eggs are all over the place and the river, with that signature flowing Eel Grass, is just an amazing, inviting, peaceful waterway.

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Mikla said...

Thanks Jenny we had a great time. If I come back again I will certainly look you guys up again for another trip. I also let my sister and her family know about you guys. They come to Florida more than I do. Thanks for a wonderful time.