Kayaking in Mother Nature's swimming pool August 6, 2013

Before the spider

During the spider :-o Well played, I must say ;-)

This is a different spider ;-)...it's a Fishing Spider

Today we had 2 families with us kayaking in Mother Nature's pool. It was a gatorless trip, they were hiding from the sun today but we did get to see a Limpkin, Little Blue Heron, Great Blue poo ;-) a Lubber, Fishing Spider and found a Katydid. Taking a swim at the end of the tour in the cool waters of Rock Springs Run is always a nice way to finish off the morning. And getting to see the future generations appreciate what she has to share brightens our day!


Jenny said...


Thank you so much for the pictures. They are great! We had a really good time today kayaking. Kenny did such a great job finding the little (and not so little) creatures along the way. And pointed out so many interesting things. The swimming hole at the end was a fabulous finale to a fantastic trip that we will always remember. Kenny and Randall were great and we will definitely recommend this trip to our friends who come your way!


Gary, Heather and Kerry. said...

Jenny & Kenny,

Just got back after some retail therapy at Florida Mall!

We all really enjoyed the trip and it was great to see some real Florida, with good wildlife as well. Thanks also to Kenny and Randall who were great in giving us all the information etc.. They were also good hosts!!

If we ever come back this way we will be looking you up again for another trip and will recommend you to anyone we know who is coming this way.

Thanks again.

Gary, Heather and Kerry.