Kayaking the St Johns River and Blue Springs Run Sept. 1, 2013

Greenfly Orchid and Resurrection Fern

Butterfly Orchid and Air Plant

Old Florida

Blue Springs Run and the Garfish school


Paddling Snake Creek

Pink Mallow

The teenager ;-)

Colton and Carolyn

Khiem, Mya, Wendy, Kayla and Hanna

Samantha, Marcia and Wyndie
As we started toward the spring run an Alligator greeted us right of the bank of the St Johns and that was the 1st of 2 we got to see today. Paddling into the run is like going back in time. The old sprawling Oak Trees provide a home for several different plants and the blooming Pink Mallow throws a splash of color on the clear blue water. The trip into Snake Creek brought us more Mallow and the Alligator Flag that lines the creek is in full swing. The river is always a welcome site and the sky today was that beautiful "Florida Summer" blue. What an awesome group of people to celebrate Labor Day Weekend with and a great day for paddling.

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