Kayaking with the Manatees December 27, 2013

Right off the bat the Limpkin flew in to say "good morning" and inspect the equipment prior to launch ;-). As we paddled around the island the Great Egrets, Great Blue and Little Blue Herons were out fishing while the Anhingas were taking a break...six, all in the same tree was a nice find. In the Cypress Tree, the Osprey was resting on the lower branch while the Great Blue Heron was building her nest high above. The White Ibis were rooting around and Purple Gallinules were picking up the Lily Pads looking for morsels to eat. Then we headed out to see if we could find the Manatees. Ahhh it's always good to be able to enjoy a few Manatee encounters. On the way to Snake Creek a few Deer were bedding down on the river bank and once in the creek we saw a couple of little Gators. On the way back toward the spring we got to see more Manatees and the Bald Eagle watched, like the Sentinel he is, perched stately in the tallest tree, from across the river. Mother Nature was good to us today and we appreciated her grace ;-).

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Anonymous said...

Great time for all. Kenny was a great guide. My first time and it was a breeze. Thanks again.