Paddling on the St Johns River February 25, 2013

Dave, Cindy, Mary Lou, Bridget, Bruce, Tim, Laurie, Alan and Lila all headed South to spend some time in Florida and a St Johns River paddle was the activity of choice on Monday Feb 25th. It was a beautiful day and the wildlife was out playing too. The Red-Shouldered Hawks were splitting the crowd, the Wild Turkeys were strutting their stuff along with the Great Blue Herons. The Momma Gator had Snake Creek decorated with her Babies, the Limpkins and the other Herons, Anhingas, Cormorants and Egrets were out in droves. It's a great place to go spend some time with Mother Nature.

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Bridget and Bruce said...

Hi Jenny,
We had such an amazing day. I was the last one in and I was threatening not to come back. I think we all could have gone all day! Florida is a busy place compared to our wide open prairies so it was great to get out into the woods and see some wildlife. It was also a great escape from the theme parks. Our trip kayaking is the part we have talked about the most! Kenny and Randall were great guides and I really enjoyed talking with them. Alan ( our son) commented on how nice Kenny was about answering all his questions. So thank you for a wonderful experience and showing us a little piece of Florida!
Bridget and Bruce