Paddling the St Johns River's shades of gray November 22, 2013

Ominous clouds were the setting for the day... Elaine, who is a real Trooper, went on a tour of the St Johns River with Kenny today and it was Poncho Time ;-). The wildlife didn't seem to mind the cloudy skies though. The Great Blue Heron and Purple Gallinules were out hunting as were the Anhingas, Red-shouldered Hawk, Bald Eagle, Tri-colored and Green Herons. The Cormorants, Great Egret, Little Blue Herons in the white and blue phases were doing some fishing and the Big Gator, a Small Gator, the Sliders and River Cooter Turtles were trying to talk the Sun into coming out to play. The String Lilly always adds a nice touch to the river and the Red Maples are showing signs of Fall colors too.      

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Elaine said...

My gosh, did I ever have a wonderful trip! How fun that you sent photos, I'm definitely sharing those with the people I'm seeing tomorrow at the conference. Enjoyed setting this up with you and Kenny was a perfect guide, with great stories and patient with all of my questions. Thanks and I'll be back! Let me know how I can best promote your business - yelp, Trip Advisor, whatever you want, I'll be sure to do. thanks, E