A great way to see the Florida Manatees November 26, 2014

We were thankful to see the blue sky of the St Johns River today and the Manatees were plentiful. Everyone got at least 1 closeup encounter from the Spring Run and many of them were out feeding in the river. We spied a young Raccoon trying his hardest to pluck some wild Fox Grapes out of the trees. His arm just wasn't quite long enough to get them before the limb he was on bent down too far. He was quite comical and gets an A+ for effort ;-). The leaves on the Maples trees are flame red and orange now, the Hickories are turning yellow and the Cypress Tree leaves are the color of rust. It's Fall on Florida's rivers and a great time to be here!

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The Boyd's said...

Linda Blackwell posted;
We had a great time, my kids enjoyed it more than Epcot LOL

My younger son Drew JUST competed in a poster contest with the NC Dept of Natural Resources where he had to draw and explain the features of a wetland (cypress trees with knees, swamps, etc). He couldn't wait to get back to tell his teacher how he saw them in real life ;)