A Land Remembered June 23, 2015

Glenn and Eric left Mom poolside and came out for a little St Johns River action.Glenn who is a former FL resident wanted to show Eric some of the Florida he remembered. Off in the back water the constant bubbling was a dead giveaway that patience would produce a Manatee. We slowly got closer and waited and then up came the whiskered nose of a Manatee taking a quick breath before disappearing into the tea colored waters of the St Johns. We witnessed this several times as the 2 Manatees that were hanging out came up for air. A few Alligators swam away from us as we headed for the Spring Run. The Osprey were overhead and the Great Blue Herons were fishing at the waters edge. With Spanish Moss blowing in the warm Summer breeze the Swallow-tailed Kites were gliding over the tree tops and the Little Blue Herons in the adult phase as well as the immature "calico" phase were out playing too. There were hundreds of Long Nose Gar Fish in the Spring Run and they moved out of our way as we came passing through. The transparent color of the springs is an amazing sight coming from the tea colored waters of the river. With the Cypress Knees, Scarlet Hibiscus and Butterfly Orchids in bloom we think Eric got a good idea of what Florida is all about. What a great place to paddle and great new friends to paddle with.

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Glenn posted:
We had a great time with Kenny, looking forward to coming back in the fall .