Wildlife Jackpot February 4, 2015

Jackie and Harvey, all the way down from Alaska, looked us up for a little FL kayaking and we were happy to have them join us. We hit the jackpot today with the wildlife. We saw 8 Purple Gallinules, a Limpkin came real close as it probed around looking for snails and mussels and a lone Barred Owl turned it's head 180 degrees to take a closer look at us. The Manatees were all playful today hanging around our kayaks, must be the full moon! We also got to watch the White Ibis, American Coots, Moorhens, Great Egrets and Wood Storks doing what they do best. The Snowy Egrets are getting fluffy and the Little and Great Blue Herons are building their nests. Life is good!

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