Cooling off from the Summertime heat July 25, 2014

As we paddled around the island we had a little bit of a breeze but it was time to head to the Spring!! The spring water is 72 degrees and there is an immediate relief as you start to paddle into the Oak shaded, water cooled run of Blue Springs. We saw a Manatee scratching his back on a log below us and we could see the Catfish, Bream, Bluegill, Bass, Gar and Tilapia  as they swam below us too. It's like paddling in an aquarium made and cared for by Mother Nature. The Anhingas were out sunning and as we headed back to the St Johns we watched the Ospreys dive toward the water trying to scoop up fish in their talons. The Swamp Hibiscus is in bloom so we have the pink of the Swamp Hibiscus and the Red of the Scarlet Hibiscus on the river now... it's beautiful. On the way back to the boat launch we got to see 2 Gators swimming along on the other side of the river. It was a great day to be chilling from the Summertime heat!

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