In search of Florida's nature... March 6th, 2015

With binoculars around our necks we headed out in search of the wildlife. Right off the start a Purple Gallinule showed itself and we saw the Great Blue Herons nesting high in the Cypress Tree. There were Coots and Moorhens scattered out among the Spadderdock Lillies and the Anhingas took flight as we got near. A few Wood Storks along with the Osprey, Red-shouldered Hawks and a pair of Bald Eagles were spotted and as we stopped for our lunch break a Wild Turkey came flying across the river and just about flew right into us diverting at the last minute. That was quite the spectacular sight too. The Little Blue Herons, Snowy Egrets, Tri-colored Herons, Black Crowned Night Herons and Great Egrets also came out to greet us. We found the Barred Owl nesting in the big hole and just then the male few up with lunch for the kids...a Crawdad. It was a great day for birding and paddling the St Johns River is always a treat.

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The Boyd's said...

Don posted:

Thanks so much to you and Kenny for an amazing experience. The coordination from you was fantastic, and Kenny is an incredible guide. The boats and gear were great too. When we come back to Orlando we will most certainly schedule another trip with you!

-Don Feeney