Paddling the Silver River April 2016

Wacky Palm #1

Wacky Palm # 2

Two Male Wood Ducks along with two sunning Turtles met us at the first corner on the Silver River this morning. The place was full of wildlife. It was Bruno’s, his sister’s and Mom’s second time with us so we were stoked to be able to show them the “pearls” of the Silver River. We witnessed an adult Little Blue Heron catch a crawfish. Skirting the edge we found Apple Snail eggs on the Cattails 1 and 2 feet off the water. The purple Pickerel Weed, red Cardinal Flower and white Water Hemlock are the dominant blooms right now. We found a Limpkin sitting on the nest and lots of young White Ibis were out feeding together. The Great Blue and Black Crowned Night Herons also made an appearance. About the time we gave up looking for the Monkeys luck was on our side and 100 yards from the finish there they were and there must have been 30 of them! It was great to have Bruno and his family with us again and a beautiful day to share with friends.    

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