The Wild of the St Johns River, Orange City, FL September 2, 2015

The wild flowers were full of color this morning at the launch site. Yellow Partridge Pea, purple Butterfly Pea and gold Goldenrod just to name a few. As we paddled the St Johns River we noticed the rains of the past few weeks have the waters filling up the flood plain swamps. That's just exactly what it's supposed to do, it creates places for new growth and nurseries for babies of all types, the frogs and fish love it. The Cypress Knees are half covered and it's a welcome sight. We got to see Anhingas, Great Egrets, Great Blue, Little Blue and Green Herons and even a Gator or two. In the clear waters of the spring run you can see all the way to the bottom and there were several types of fish swimming along. Gar, Bream, Bass, Tilapia and then we spyed an 8 ft Alligator resting on the bottom. Keeping our distance not wanting to disrupt his restful nap were all got a good look at him. He would be there anyway, that's where they rest during the day, we were just fortunate enough to have an extraordinary view through the clear waters of the run. It's so exciting to get to see that! The Red-bellied and Yellow River Cooter Turtles were sunning on the logs as well, it was a great day for the wildlife and a great day for us to spend on the river!

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The Boyd's said...

Magda posted;
Jen and Kenny,
Thank you, thank you and thank you again. I loved it. And so did my father. Gorgeous pictures.
See you next year for sure!
Magda and Eric