The Wildlife of the St Johns River, Volusia County, FL February 3, 2016

The wildlife treated us pretty well today. Just five minutes into the tour a mother Manatee with a 2 year old calf came up unexpectedly just feet away from our kayaks. It’s quite a rush to have such a big animal just show up out of the tea colored water. They are so gentle and they stayed close to us for a while like she was showing off her baby then disappeared out of sight. The roar of two big male Gators could be heard not far away – 84 degrees in February will do that J. All the water birds were out; Ospreys, Wood Storks, Limpkins, Wild Turkeys and we even spotted a Barred Owl in the floodplain swamp. Days like today?? They are made for kayaking. 
Below is a video of the bellowing Alligators. You might need to turn up the volume.

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