Ye Olde Mysterious Blackwater Lake March 26, 2015

We paddled up Blackwater Creek this morning. The dark overhanging canopy made it feel like sun up but it was 9:30 am. Soon the sunlight filtered through the trees tops and a whole world of green showed itself. Old ancient Cypress stumps with trees growing out of them looked down on us as we passed by, they are the sentinels of the Swamp. As we came out of the darkness the sun light lit up the whole lake. The big Osprey nests, some hundreds of pounds, now have pairs of Osprey in them. The Limpkin calls filled the air with sound and soon we found the source. They are calling for their mates. 30 or so White Ibis took flight as we paddled past and on the way back a light rain could be heard in the canopy above. It's never a dull moment on the river!


The Boyd's said...

Kara Posted;
Thank you! We had a great time and will call you again next time we’re in town.

Kara and Christophe

The Boyd's said...

Jean posted;
Thank you both for providing us with a great trip. We really enjoyed the environment and being able to learn so much. We've already shared your info with friends and family. Thanks again!