Kayaking with the Dwarf Cypress of Blackwater Lake

Graeme came over from the UK and paddled with us on 2 separate trips. Blackwater Lake was our second adventure. Bumping over logs and downed trees we worked our way out of the swamp into the forgotten world of the ancient Cypress Trees that rim this beautiful lake. Each tree is totally different from the next. Air Plants, Spanish Moss, Quill-leaf and Orchids cover the overhanging branches. We got a nice peek at Little and Great Blue Herons, White Ibis and an Anhinga was sighted as well. The Ospreys have arrived and are building large nests in the trees. On the way back a Barred Owl watched us watch him as we glided through the swamps of Blackwater Creek. A great day for paddling and great company with which to be paddling.

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