Kayaking with the old weathered Cypress Trees of Lake Norris - Eustis, FL

Daryl and his family have kayaked with us several times. Today we had the pleasure of Jess joining us for a tour. They chose what we fondly call Blackwater Lake and it was a gorgeous morning to be in the swamp. We paddled past giant old Cypress stumps from trees that were logged years ago. Now many different types of trees call the swamp home; Pop Ash, Dahoon Holly, Cabbage Palm, Bays and Wax Myrtle all grow alongside the Cypress. With Hurricane Matthew just a month ago it was like an obstacle course, a zig here and a zag there but that’s what makes it fun! On Lake Norris the sun was just coming out and shining across the vastness of the old weathered Cypress Trees that escaped the loggers. We got to see a Fishing Spider and yes the clever fellow actually does fish... it's a strange concept but works well for them. Took a break at the old homestead then paddled back into the creek. It is truly a stunning place to spend the morning.

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